9pm Lucid Wake

7:30 Kick Veronica

6pm Free range roosters

5pm Blurry truth

4pm Jake Lombardi

3pm Something Silly

** Late Night **

11pm Leroy Sly

10pm Road Soda

- Friday -

----  Main Stage  ----

8pm Ajeva

6:30pm Tropico Blvd

5pm Solflower

3pm Welcoming Ceremony and Drums and Dance

2pm Billy Beck

1pm Sunnyside

12pm Savannah Lee and Friends

11am Duke McComis

** Late Night **


Joy Wagon

Golden Era

- Saturday -

---- Main Stage ----

8:30pm The Reality

6:30pm Displace

5pm Looshka

3:30pm Row Jomah

2pm Rene Schlegal

1pm Luminous Vox

12pm K2theC

11am Unity Rising

10am Laura Shepherd

** Late Night **

One Love Rising

Jessica Jones

Este Loves Band

- Sunday -


---- Main Stage ----

8pm Intergalactic Vibe Tribe

7pm Addison Laflamme

6pm Este’s Church of Love

5pm Johnny B’s Dead Phish Smell

4pm Jenelle and Robbs Transformation

1pm Talent Show

12pm Troo Roo Under Blue

11am Soulway

10am Cowgirl Church

Artists at Large

Jessica Love Jones

Lyndon Thacker

& Surprise:TBA